Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards and financed by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. opened this past weekend hauling in an impressive $93.2 million at the North American Box Office. Not too surprising considering audiences affinity for a good disaster flick in the summer.

What is surprising, according to The Hollywood Reporter,

“more than half of the movie’s earnings came from 3D locations…”

While 3D TVs never caught on the way manufacturers had hoped they would, The Verge even declared the death of 3D back in January of 2013, it seems movie goers can still be enticed to pay a premium ticket price to put on glasses and see things explode off the big screen in 3D theaters.

With the quality of 2D to 3D conversions being quite good and major motion pictures like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 even being shot on film and post-converted to 3D, are we in for even more 3D movies?