We had a Hasselblad in my high school photography class and some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken were shot with that camera. Alas, buying my own Hasselblad was never quite in reach.

Kelly Angood is a photographer based in London who also couldn’t afford to buy her own Hasselblad. So she decided to make one for herself. She designed a pinhole camera in the style of a Hasselblad and is now offering it thought Kickstarter.

UPDATE: The 120 Pinhole Project has canceled the Kickstarter campaign for unknown reasons.

UPDATE: From Kelly’s tumbler: “You may have read that I have had to cancel ‘The 120 Pinhole Project’ over on Kickstarter due to a potential legal issue. But, there is no way I’m giving up! I’m currently in the process of designing a new camera and hope to bring it to you within a month as a new Kickstarter project and I’ll be recording my progress right here on this blog. If you want to me notify when the new project will be up and running please drop me a note at the120pinholeproject@kellyangood.co.uk. I really hope I can rely on your continued support, which has been incredible so far!”