Apogee Digital has announced Quartet, a USB audio interface with 4 analog inputs and 8 outputs all in a stylish desktop design. Quartet fills the space between the 2-channel Apogee Duet and the 8-channel Apogee Ensemble. Quartet is equipped with 4 combination input connectors (XLR and 1/4”) for connecting microphones, guitars and keyboards or your favorite external mic preamps, compressors and EQs. The Quartet’s 6 balanced 1/4” TRS outputs allow you to monitor in stereo, with up to 3 sets of speakers or in 5.1 surround. Other features include 2 ADAT/SMUX digital Inputs, Word Clock OUT, 1 USB-A type MIDI input, 2 top panel high-resolution OLED displays, controller knob, 6 touchpads for direct selection of inputs and outputs and 3 assignable touch pads.

While Quartet only uses USB 2.0 and not USB3, Apogee points out that the bandwidth of USB 2.0 exceeds the bandwidth Quartet requires for its 12 inputs and 8 outputs.

Quartet works with any Core Audio compatible application including: Logic, Pro Tools 9 and 10, Final Cut, Ableton Live and is priced at $1295.

As a longtime Apogee user and current Duet 2 owner, I’m extremely excited to find a place for Quartet on my desk. Plus with the ability to use USB aggregation with the Duet 2 and Quartet for 6 in and 12 out, it will be a great way to expand my audio options.

Learn more about the Apogee Quartet.