I don’t often post marketing videos but here’s what stands out to me about this video from GoPro.

Mike Escamilla is a BMX rider who started riding in 1990 and in 2005, broke and set 2 world records at X Games 11 for the longest backflip and longest 360 on a bmx bike. Mike had a featured channel on Tony Hawk’s shredordie.com website and has also appeared in such films as xXx and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. So Mike is no slouch when it comes to filming action. So what’s so special about this video? Mike shot it by himself. Heck, he even fashioned a tripod out of shrubbery. Mike had a story to tell, he grabbed a few GoPro cameras and a Wi-Fi BacPac and made it happen. When technology enables you to tell your story with the least amount of fuss I find that pretty cool.