You know the scene in Avatar where they interact with the 3D holographic map, we’re a long way off from that right? Well it turns out you can actually do something pretty close right now. This year at Siggraph I got to try out zSpace, a 3D stereoscopic, virtual holographic display from infinite z. The 24-inch HD LCD (1080p120Hz) uses built-in sensors to track the position of passive polarized 3D glasses and a laser stylus, allowing the user to interact with 3D objects as if they were holographs. zSpace is basically a 3D monitor, but what makes it special is the tracking of the glasses and stylus allowing you to look around objects with simple head movements and pickup, move, even model objects in 3D space. zSpace works with applications such as Autodesk Maya and Showcase as well as other CAD and medical applications. The zSpace system costs $6,000 US and is available to purchase online at