Cortex::Capture is a review capture application for DITs and data wranglers with a price tag of only $95. It provides on set playback of over a dozen common camera formats, including Sony F65RAW and SR Master, RED, ARRIRAW, DNxHD, ProRes and the popular DSLR camera formats. Cortex::Capture includes tools for color decisions by either applying imported LUTs or creating looks with the color tool. These can be exported as stills, ASC CDLs and LUTs.

Its project management features include organizing media by shoot day, commenting on frames or clips, creating templates for previewing outputs with different color processing pipelines, burn-ins and audio mixes. These decisions are then carried by the metadata for use in dailies deliverables and throughout the post-production process.

Also available, Cortex::Convey includes all the review and color management tools in Cortex::Capture plus a powerful transcoding engine and template-based project management features for generating digital deliverables at every step in the production and post-production workflow, including dailies, assemblies, VFX pulls, masters and more.

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Each week from now until the product launch, the MTI Film will hold a drawing with the winner receiving a FREE Cortex::Capture license. Names entered in the drawing will roll over to the new drawing from week to week. Everyone who enters will be included in the Grand Prize drawing on July 5th for a FREE seat of Cortex::Convey.

An entry form and listing of weekly winners are available at