Sony SR-D1 SRMemory Drive Unit

When Sony announced the F65, they announced two options for downloading the camera’s SRMemory drives, the SRPC4 and SRPC5 SRMASTER Data Transfer Units. Both carried a hefty price tag, with the SRPC4 costing about $6000 and the SRPC5 weighing in at about $15,000. Now Sony has announced the SR-D1, a compact SRMemory drive unit with eSATA and USB 3.0 connectivity. The SR-D1 supports HD SStP and F65RAW formats and allows direct access to files on SRMemory media from a PC or Mac with the ability to drag and drop files. With DC operation and an included AC adaptor it’s ready for studio or location work. No word on pricing or availability but it should be well below the $6000 price tag of the SRPC4.