At Macworld I got my hands on the iSupport, which is designed to help stabilize the iPhone and hails from indiSYSTEM makers of follow focus, matte box, DSLR rigs, camera slider, and other custom camera accessories.

In addition to providing two handles to stabilize the iPhone, the iSupport features a rubber lens hood to control lens flare and is threaded so that 37mm filters or lenses can be attached. It’s designed to accommodate either a bare iPhone or an iPhone in a case. Made of durable ABS PC, it features a threaded hole in the bottom plate allowing it to be attached onto tripods, monopods, or other video gear.

Also available is the iSupport Pro, made from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum. Featuring a spring loaded clam-shell design to hold the iPhone, it has the same 37mm threaded lens hood.

If you need to attach more gear to iPhone, check out the iSupport Cine Bundle which starts with the iSupport Pro and includes; Pro Handles, Accessory Bar, Multi-use Stabilizer Tripod, 2 mini ball mounts and a neck lanyard.

The entire iSupport line is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the US. I had a chance to speak with Tom, the founder, owner and designer of iSupport at Macworld and I can tell you this is a company that truly believes in making a good product and is very proud that are able to do so in the US.

The iSupport line is available to order online starting at $49 for the iSupport, $79 for the iSupport Pro and $189 for the Cine Bundle.

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