It doesn’t get more basic than pen and paper. Nothing fancy, just something to take notes with. In the face of computers, smart phones, and tablets, the humble pen and paper is still here. There’s something different about taking notes or making a to-do list and actually writing it out. Almost as if your brian is working in a different way. When you’re a production assistant, after a working car and a cell phone, the most important piece of technology you can cary is a notepad and pen. No mater what department you work in, a notepad or notebook is one of the most useful things to have in your kit. From the writer, to production, to post, taking notes and keeping track of your to-dos is critical.

My current favorite is the Ampad Gold Fiber 5″ x 8″ writing pad. The size is perfect to hold in one hand while taking notes. The weight of the paper makes for smooth writing and the perforated pages make it easy to tear out sheets. The top wire binding allows for easy page turns and is a great place to store your pen. Finally, it just looks cool.