Hurry Up and Wait – tools to help pass the time

Storytellers are often faced with down time. Weather it be on set in-between setups, or in post while waiting for a render to finish. Our HU&W Series highlights things to help keep you occupied during those days where find the director going for take 90.

Spotify is an online music library with millions of tracks ready for you to listen to any time and any where you want. All for free as long as you’re willing to listen to ads every once in a while. There’s also an unlimited version that does away with the ads for $5/month and a premium version for $10/month that allows you to store music for offline listening as well as listen to your playlist on your mobile phone. Spotify recently announced Spotify Apps a collection of free apps designed to help you discover even more new music from Billboard Magazine, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and more.

When I first stated using Spotify, my wishlist on iTunes had just over 1000 songs. I was a compulsive collector of songs I some day wanted to buy and actually listen to. Spotify has changed me for ever.

The first time I searched for some of my favorite artists and saw their entire catalog come up, I was hooked.

I made it about a month using the free version before I couldn’t take hearing the same ads over and over again. Then one night, when getting ready for a long car ride, I decided I wanted to be able to listen to one of my many playlists on my iPhone. I signed up for Spotify Premium and for less than the price of one album per month, I’ve got unlimited and uninterrupted access to more music than I will ever be able to listen to in my lifetime.

I’m discovering and enjoying music in a way I have never before in my life. If iTunes was all about selling 99¢ singles, I wager to bet that Spotify will bring about a renaissance of listening to entire albums and enjoying musician’s entire catalogs.

So wether you need some tunes to pass the time or you’re building a playlist to inspire your films soundtrack, take Spotify for a spin.

Download Spotify and get started.