35mm had the top spot at the box office this Thanksgiving weekend with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. The Muppets shot on RED MX with the RED ONE and RED EPIC came in 2nd. CGI dominated the box office this past weekend with three of the top ten films; Happy Feet Two coming in at number 3, Arthur Christmas at number 4 and Puss in Boots at number 8. Coming in 5th was Hugo from Director Martin Scorsese, shot in 3D on ARRI ALEXA. Jack and Jill was sixth also shot on ALEXA. The Immortals, shot on the Panavision Genesis, was 7th. The Descendants at number 9 was shot on 35mm. Tower Heist, coming in at number 10, was shot on 35mm and ALEXA.

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