Arri Alexa Software Update and High Speed

ARRI has released the free ALEXA Software Update Packet (SUP) 5.0 as well as the optional purchase of the new High Speed License Key.

Key features of ALEXA SUP 5.0:
- 60 fps ARRIRAW over 3G Dual Link
- 60 fps HD-SDI 4:4:4 over 3G Dual Link
- 60 fps ProRes 4444 when using SxS PRO 64 GB cards
- Horizontal Image Mirroring (3D)
- ARRI Look Files for playback of QuickTime/ProRes Log C files
- Reel & clip number on MON OUT
- Secure camera display dimming
- Active look indication
- Dual record error handling
- Open Camera Access (OCA) initiative
- Support for Lens Data Display for Focus Puller (ALEXA Plus only)

The ALEXA High Speed license allows recording 120 fps for slow motion shots on ALEXA cameras with Apple ProRes codecs up to 422 HQ. High Speed mode preserves ALEXA´s 14 stops of native dynamic range and exceptional image quality and uses the same Super 35 sensor area as Regular Speed mode; offering the same cinematic shallow depth of field and the same angle of view for all lenses. All outputs are in 4:2:2 in High Speed mode, so the REC OUT becomes another MON OUT and neither ARRIRAW nor ProRes 444 are available.

Recording in High Speed mode requires the purchase of the ALEXA High Speed license and the use of SONY’s new SxS PRO 64 GB card (SBP-64A). They are built to the same tough reliability and environmental standards as the 32 GB cards, and the high end memory technology used assures a high number of read and write cycles for a long card life during which they maintain their high data rates. Even without the High Speed license the SxS PRO 64 GB cards allow recording of ProRes 4444 at 60 fps. Their high data rates, environmental robustness, high reliability and small size make SxS PRO 64 GB cards the perfect recording medium for the ALEXA family of cameras.

You can purchase the High Speed License in the ALEXA SHOP.