You’re in your seat at your favorite movie theater. Popcorn, soda, and your favorite candy at the ready. These days there’s a pretty good chance you’re in a theater equipped with digital projection. IHS Screen Digest says as of January 26, 2011 there are 36,242 digital theaters worldwide with 15,744 of those in the United States. If my limited math and google search skills have given me the right figures, that means about half of the movie screens in the US are now digital. So just what is that movie you’re watching being played from. DVD? Blu-ray? Some type of tape? While the advertising playing before the movie could be played back from any number of different sources, more than likely the actual movie is a digital file conforming to the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) Standard which uses JPEG2000 compression. It’s also safe to say the digital file is being played back on a Doremi server. According to Doremi they’ve shipped over 33,000 units to date. I’ll let you do the math and figure out what percentage of theaters in the world have a Doremi server.

Doremi’s new ShowVault is a dedicated storage server capable of playing JPEG2000 digital movies that conform to DCI specifications. ShowVault was specifically developed to interface with Doremi’s IMB (Integrated Media Block) which is installed inside Series 2 DLP projectors making 2K & 4K playback possible.

ShowVault loads digital content from a networked central server via Ethernet or USB 2.0. It dispenses files electronically to the IMB via an external PCI Express cable. Using Doremi’s pre-loaded CineLister software, ShowVault allows theater operators to easily program the entire movie schedule including on-screen advertising, trailers, features and announcements.

The ShowVault features Gigabit Ethernet for file transfer, control and subtitling, up to 2TB of RAID5 storage, dual-redundant power supply, HDMI 1.3 Input with HDCP Support, dual 3G SDI, and can output at a resolution up to 4096 x 2160 in 2D and 2048 x 1080 in 3D.

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