Radiant Images, formerly HD Camera Rentals, is now carrying the STEREOTEC 3D Mid Size Rig. The rig features quick setup and motorized alignment and calibration, which saves time and reduces production costs. Claiming, “the STEREOTEC 3D rig can complete aligning, including zoom matching, in less than 90 seconds.” Constructed from lightweight carbon fiber, the STEREOTEC 3D rig can mounted upside down or straight allowing it to “operate as top or bottom shooter, on a stand, a dolly, a jib or a crane, crews are able to work with their 3D setups without major readjustments.” The rig is compatible with ARRI Alexa, RED, SI-2K, IndieCam, Phantom, and Sony HDC-P1.

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via Wolfe News Wire

LOS ANGELES (August 25, 2011) – Radiant Images, a leading L.A.-based rental house and digital cinema innovator, has teamed up with German firm Stereoscopic Technologies GmbH (STEREOTEC) to make the state-of-the-art motorized STEREOTEC 3D Mid Size Rig available for rental to the L.A. production community for the first time, the company announced Wednesday.

The mid-size 3D rig from STEREOTEC (www.stereotec.com), available until now only in Europe and elsewhere overseas, is positioned to revolutionize 3D productions in the U.S., said Michael Mansouri, co-founder of Radiant Images (www.radiantimages.com).

“We’re truly excited and honored to be able to offer the STEREOTEC 3D Mid Size Rig to our clients as this rig solves some of the frustrations that we see in 3D,” Mansouri said. “With its lightweight construction and flexibility, in addition to the motorization, this rig is an important new tool that will enhance any 3D production.”

Most notable is the STEREOTEC 3D rig’s quick setup and motorized alignment and calibration, which saves time and reduces production costs. Present setups require up to 30 minutes to make adjustments to focal length. The STEREOTEC 3D rig can complete aligning, including zoom matching, in less than 90 seconds.

“The 3D rig from STEREOTEC helps ensure a smooth workflow on the set, which is crucial,” Mansouri said.

Constructed fully of lightweight carbon fiber, the STEREOTEC 3D rig is the first convertible 3D rig on the market, meaning it can be mounted upside down or straight. Because it can operate as top or bottom shooter, on a stand, a dolly, a jib or a crane, crews are able to work with their 3D setups without major readjustments. The full motorization of all alignment parameters of the rig is controlled by a wireless remote system such as ARRI’s Wireless Remote System (WRS) and others.

The accuracy for the calibration is crucial to an unobtrusive yet realistic 3D effect. The mid-size rig from STEREOTEC is exceptionally compact and robust, ensuring that neither the calibration settings of the two cameras nor the stereoscopic adjustments are lost due to transportation or crane movement.

All commonly used digital film cameras – ARRI Alexa, RED, SI-2K, IndieCam, Phantom, Sony HDC-P1 – with lenses up to 15.5 mm focal length can be mounted and adjusted with extraordinary accuracy.

“By teaming up with Radiant Images, we have completed the worldwide availability of STEREOTEC rigs,” said Florian Maier, one of the world’s leading stereographers (lead stereographer responsible for the live action part of the recent Paramount 3D production, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters) and 3D pioneer who founded Gilching, Germany-based STEREOTEC in 1997.

He added, “The mid-size rig provides Radiant Images with the perfect tool that they were looking for. With their expertise in 3D and their constant investment in the latest technology, our rig will fulfill their need to offer their customers state-of-the-art 3D solutions.”

Radiant Images provides a full range of 2D and 3D cameras, rigs and customized solutions. Michael Mansouri is a professional cinematographer, DIT and camera operator who is among the industry’s most knowledgeable, inventive and proficient experts in HD and 3D digital technology. He and his team at Radiant Images are known to stretch the boundaries of digital cinema with creative solutions – specializing in designing and building custom 2D and 3D rigs.

Recent projects include David Ayer’s End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Radiant Images is supplying a range of cameras, including the SI-2K, ARRI Alexa and IndieCam; rigs; accessories such as the Cinedeck EXTREME, and technical expertise to the shoot, now underway in Los Angeles. Mansouri also recently worked with DP Matthew Libatique (Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream) on the set of He Loves Me, and performed DIT work on recent feature films 127 Hours, Unstoppable and Iron Man 2.

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Established in 2005, Radiant Images, formerly known as HD Camera Rentals, provides leading-edge, high-end digital cinema technology and support to the film and entertainment industry worldwide. The company was founded upon a single-minded focus to offer top-of-the-line equipment, the latest technology and unmatched expertise to the entertainment industry as it navigated the new age of digital cinema. Radiant Images can outfit an entire shoot with cameras, lenses and rigs as well as provide a full range of accessories and tech support. The company recently expanded its L.A. facility at 4125 W. Jefferson Boulevard. For more information, visit online at www.radiantimages.com. Find Radiant Images on Facebook and Twitter.

Based in southern Germany, Stereoscopic Technologies GmbH (STEREOTEC) develops and manufactures high-quality, fully-motorizable 3D stereo rigs designed by Senior Stereographer and CEO Florian Maier. STEREOTEC rigs, built with durable and innovative materials, are known for their technical precision and uncompromising quality, including high precision and extremely fast rig alignment of up to 11 motorized 3D parameters; digital counters; quick release plates; balanced movements and compatibility with wide focal lengths. STEREOTEC also offers high-end stereoscopic consulting for 3D commercials, 3D event films, 3D broadcast and 3D feature film. STEREOTEC products and services have been used on productions such as Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (Paramount) and the family movie Wickie and the Treasure of the Gods (Constantin Film). For more information, visit the company online at www.stereotec.com.