The Sony HXR-NX70 NXCAM camcorder isn’t afraid to play dirty. The first camera with IPX54 certification it had to stand up to 8 hours of agitation in a dust test chamber plus 10 minutes of continuous water flow from 25 different spray nozzles in a spray water test in order to earn to earn its certification. Featuring a 26.3mm G lens, and an assignable lens ring that allows manual adjustment of focus, iris, and zoom settings via a rotary switch. It’s native 16:9 back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor captures HD MPEG-4 AVCHD in various flavors including both 1080/24p at 24Mbps and 1080/60P at 28Mbps. Other features include Optical SteadyShot, 3.5” touch-screen XtraFine™ LCD display, infrared NightShot, 96GB embedded Flash Memory, a card slot accepts either Memory Stick or SD Cards and a detachable handle wiht detachable audio pod that includes two balanced XLR audio inputs with phantom power.