In our humble opinion one of the most exciting cameras shown at NAB was the Sony F65. The footage from the camera was screened in 4K and looked incredible. If there was an award for best black levels in an image the F65 would get our vote. The F65 is not as you might think from it’s name a 65mm sensor. Rather it is a 24.7mm x 13.1 mm, 20 Megapixel (18.3 active) sensor which is just a few millimeters smaller than 3-perf Super35. It’s a PL mount body very similar to the F23 and F35. Unlike the F23 and F35 the sensor in the F65 does not use a Bayer Pattern. Rather the sensor uses a dense pixel layout with half of the pixels sensitive to Green and the other half shared equally between Red and Blue. The cameras 16bit Linear RAW output will be recorded to new solid state  SRMemory Cards with about 1 hour of footage taking up 1TB. What was clear to see in the footage projected at NAB was the cameras wide dynamic range, low S/N ratio, and high sensitivity. The camera was designed to support the Academy IIF-ACES, Image Interchange Framework, Academy Color Encoding Specification.

You can check out Sony’s F65 info page here.

Also check out a great write up in the April issue of Film and Digital Times.