Sometimes all you need is a simple RAID-1 drive to give you the peace of mind that your data is being backed up right away. The PopDrive uses two 2.5″ laptop drives and features USB2 and eSATA connections and can be set up in RAID-1, RAID-0, or JBOD. A unique feature you don’t find on many devices that use 2.5″ drives, is the ability to hot-swap drives in eSata mode. Really the ability to swap drives at all is a very nice feature. So if one drive fails simply replace the bad drive with a new one and the PopDrive will copy your data over from the remaining good drive. You can get the PopDrive with two 500Gb 5400rpm drives, two 750Gb 5400rpm drives or two 500Gb 7200rpm drives. More details and pricing on the PopDrive website.