Forget the DMX cables, Photon Beard is planing a low-cost wireless option to control studio lighting systems. Unlike basic DMX512 standards that send data continuously even when nothing has changed, the Wi Light transmits only the data that has changed using a specially designed protocol. The company says “Our approach with Wi Light is cost-effective and reduces – or in some cases eliminates – the need for traditional wired DMX-controlled systems, which are time consuming and messy because of multiple cable requirements for each luminaire.” The Wi Light system includes a master transmit/receive module which takes a conventional DMX512 data stream from a standard control desk and receiver modules attached to each light source or dimmer. The master unit can also be configured as a receiver for point-to-point links or as a repeater to cover wider areas. The Wi Light system doesn’t appear to be available at this time but Photon Beard’s website mentions more info coming at NAB. Visit the Photon Beard News Page for more info.